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[sticky post] Правила игры

В жизни каждого истинного жителя туманного Альбиона есть два клуба: один, в который настоящий британец ходит; и второй, - который он игнорирует.

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Early Man: фото

Томас и его персонаж

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Early Man: видео

Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Maisie Williams recording Early Man voices – behind

Tom Hiddleston interview on Early Man

Learn to Make Hognob With the Cast of Early Man


Tom Hiddleston pulls out of buying Michael McIntyre's six-bedroom mansion 'after dispute over furniture being included in the deal'

«Country living would seem to be no laughing matter for moneybags comedian Michael McIntyre.

I can reveal that McIntyre, who has an estimated fortune of 163;25 million, has held talks about selling the Wiltshire mansion that he bought for 2.5 million five years ago.

And, fittingly for an area where local residents include pop singers Robbie Williams, Peter Gabriel and Midge Ure, McIntyre’s prospective buyer was another famous name: Tom Hiddleston star of The Night Manager.

‘Hiddleston viewed the property three times,’ a local resident claims.

‘They were close to exchanging on the purchase for up to 163;4 million, but then it all went wrong.

‘The word is that Hiddleston wanted McIntyre to include some of his furniture in the sale, but this caused a dispute.’

One of Hiddleston’s friends confirms that he was in talks with McIntyre about buying the house, right, but that the purchase has now been called off.

It’s not clear why McIntyre, 41, was considering selling the traditional stone house, which has six bedrooms, a tennis court and a swimming pool.

McIntyre bought the house for £2.5million in Wiltshire three years ago. The deal with Hiddleston went sour when they negotiated on including furniture

Eton and Cambridge-educated Hiddleston, 36, currently lives in a fashionable area of North London. He was talked about as the next James Bond after his starring appearance in hit BBC spy drama The Night Manager in 2016.

Spokesmen for McIntyre and Hiddleston declined to comment.»</noindex>


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